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In ‘Pilates System 21’ we look at an exercise workout based on the Pilates technique, which combines body and mind by way of controlled movements, to increase body awareness.

Originally made on VHS format in the 1970’s, this has now been made into a DVD which is ideal for true Pilates fans. This was recommended to me when I was first studying Pilates so as a Pilates Instructor I was determine dot get the DVD editions for my clients and customers . . . and here it is.  You really cannot get away from how brilliantly simple yet effective this Pilates System 21 DVD is  

55 minutes

‘Shape Up For The Sun’ is a 4 section Bikini Workout and diet plan set in the 1980’s and put on disc for this two disc set. Exercises include: Warm-Up, Upper Body Workout, Body Conditioning and Stretch and Relax. 

I’ve not watched this DVD simply because the fitness industry has moved on since it was made but  it would be ideal for anyone not getting any cardio-vascular activity per week 

59 minutes

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