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Happy Summer Solstice.

Today is the first day of summer also the hottest June day since 1976, the longest day of the year, a pagan celebration of the Sun & fertility

In Latin Solstice means "Sun stands still" as the sun seems to be overhead for days, in the Tropic of Cancer & in the Tropic of Capricorn for the Southern hemisphere.

Other cultures have adopted this pagan festival;Latvia - Jāņi, when women wear wreaths on their heads.Estonia - Jaanipäev or St John's Day, which marks a change in the farming year.Poland - Wianki Russia & Ukraine - Kupala Night where people jump over flames in a ritual test of bravery & faith.

Have a wonderful Sunny Solstice.
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3 days ago  ·  

June 15th is the first ever National Clean Air Day(NCAD)and my borough, Waltham Forest, is having events to inspire local residents to act {you may recall my borough was the first to implement no wait zones for cars outside schools to reduce pollution}.

Schools, public health services, workplaces & communities across the UK will get involved to raise awareness.

It seems strange to me that the air we breathe has been actively destroyed, usually for profit, so we're now at this crisis point.

To have an official day highlighting the importance of greener, ecological living is both relevant & necessary.

Lets hope that people start waking up & acting today.
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1 week ago  ·