As I’ve chosen not to teach since 2016, the following pages are simply for reference and for those booking a Health MOT consultation so that they have a full understanding of my qualifications and experience in relation to the advice and guidance I give. My credentials and insurance remains up to date.


Not sleeping?

Not eating?

Anxious, stressed or depressed?

Are you worrying about the existing conditions you have? the injuries? or the post-operative needs?

We all have times like this, but I have used all the techniques I teach you to help you change the course you’re on in all areas of your life – physical, emotional, hormonal, nutritional and even financial (if that’s your main worry it will be causing  stress) – to get the best out of yourself and your life.

Using a trilogy of tailor made exercise with the highest potency of optimum nutrition & using meditation and mindset to bring it all together is what I’ve spent 20 years perfecting . . . just for you, your body {which is hot wired for great health} and the best quality of life you deserve.

You’d take your car for an annual MOT, when was the last time you had one for yourself?

After that you may decide to have a more thorough Health MOT Consultation as the first step towards getting you back to being you. You can simply have these two sessions as a stand alone consultation so my advice can be adapted for you to work with your own instructors or health professionals which may be what I advise you as the best thing for you {I’m not possessive; I only look at what would work best for you even if it’s not working with me beyond these FREE Consultations}

“I mix the practical with the metaphysical to give you a well rounded and thorough MOT. As an educator since 1997 I  have many years of teaching to pass on to you but my work in the fitness industry as a Pilates, Yoga &  Metabolic Effect Instructor {specialising in hormonal issues like Diabetes, Menopause, obesity) my work as a Sports Nutritionist and USANA Health Sciences Associate which forms the Bespoke Fitness & Optimum Nutrition part of my work with you

My metaphysical roots will use the quantum physics, cosmic ordering and self healing to give you a fully comprehensive understanding of the emotional root causes of your situation or medical conditions, who YOU are, what you need to release to allow new growth and how you can get your mojo back. As a qualified Heal Your Life Practitioner {based on the philosophies of Louise Hay}, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Yoga & esoteric specialist since 1996 I have a wealth of knowledge to give you which you can use any time you like.

Health MOT Consultation 1 x 60 minute consultation 7-10 days later 1 x 60 minute consultation Face to face, via phone or Skype

3 FREE boxes of Graze healthy snack delivered to your door

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