The following are the 24 charities that I personally endorse, fund & support which I think you may be interested in. Simply click on their image to be taken to their respective websites if their work resonates with you

Amnesty International

I used to send postcards when I was at university to the wrongly imprisoned, political prisoners, or those mistreated by their Governments. Today I use my 5 different email addresses to sign the online petitions and I’d encourage you to do the – they’re the most crucial emails you & I will ever send.

British Red Cross – Caring for people in crisis

I make regular donations to The British Red Cross as I love their advert showing that UK crisis are just as important as overseas ones

Barnardo’s – Caring for Children for over 150 years


I loved their Autumn 2016 advert highlighting the immense talents of young people, despite their upbringing. I simply had to sponsor this charity who ensure 91p in every £1 goes directly to the children who need it

 Center Point – Sponsor of rooms for young homeless Londoners

I sponsored 3 rooms per month for young homeless Londoners, giving them the safety & practical support they need to turn their lives around, for just £12 per room

Doreen Virtues Animal Rescue Ranch, Hawaii

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I became vegan in 2016 as a direct result of seeing the beautiful rescued animals (especially red calf’s like above) that Doreen Virtue & Michael save from slaughter each week.With over 300 and counting at this dedicated rescue ranch, these animals will live a long and full life just as they were meant to, so I’m honoured to be a donor.

 Friends of the Earth – protecting this beautiful earth, and all it’s inhabitants

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I’ve been involved with Friends since my university days but only recently starting making regular donations (as part of my 2017 £10,000 Birthday  donation). It’s been great to be active with their campaigns and know every email and every penny counts

 Greenpeace – People who are passionate about protecting the Earth through positive action

I make regular donations to Greenpeace usually £1,500 per year, because humans, animals & tress can live together in harmony, if humans just stop, think and replenish what we use. I’m always delighted to be invited to private events, kept up to date on what’s happening in fact I  closed a bank account specifically because of a Greenpeace notice of the banking group endorsing deforestation . . .and I told the bank exactly why I closed that account.

Horse World – rescuing, rehabilitating then re-homing horses & donkeys
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 I’ve adopted two Donkeys – Benjamin Bathtub & Bluebell – and a gorgeous pony, Bingo each & every year at Horse World, supporting them and their furry friends.
Here are some other vital animal charities I support with my time, energy and money, I hope you can too
I was proud to become a Viva! Life Member, May 2017
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Image result for humane society logoImage result for international animal welfare logo

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 Lend with Care –  loans to those who need a little investment

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As an entrepreneur I never needed loans so I’m always happy to lend money to global entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. On the day I won £125 I saw an advert for lend with care and donated the final £15 needed for Abdul Rehman, 24, of Pakistan to reach the £195 he needed to build his hairdressing, barber shop, salon which is the only income for himself, his wife and his parents. I went on to fund Zeeham Aslam(to repair his taxi) & Imitaz Begum (jeans clothing business) with £75 given to me by Co Operative Group.

 Mango Tree – Child Sponsorship in Goa

Mango Tree Goa - towards a brighter future

I sponsor two children so they get a valued education and it’s the best £15 per child I spend

 Mind – putting mental frailty first

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 I make regular donations to Mind in fact I’ve started a campaign to make Mental Health the UK’s 4th emergency service here’s my link, please support it

National Trust

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For me, there are few things more important than preserving & protecting this green and pleasant land, just as one of my hero’s Beatrix Potter did a century ago.

Oxfam – created in Oxford, to help the world

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 Like Amnesty this is a charity I’ve supported since I was a teenager and am proud to continue to do so

Royal British Legion

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 A charity I support annually and was privileged to be sent a cardboard poppy to write my own message on then have it placed at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, Ypres, Belgium on November 11th 2016. The Menin Gate is the only place to stop traffic and play the Last Post in honour of the fallen at 20.00 every evening.

Royal Historical Palaces

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Supporting our historic palaces for generations to come is vitally important for educational, heritage and national reasons . I was delighted to become a Life Member of RHP in 2016 as I love visiting Hampton Court, Tower of London & Kensington Palace at least twice a year

 Samaritans Purse – Gifts to needy children worldwide

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 I love getting gifts so fitting as many small gifts into a shoe box for a child who’s displaced, scared or alone, is guaranteed to bring them a little joy & pleasure. I came across this in 2013 when a man was handing out tea to strangers at Leytonstone bus stop. I didn’t take the tea but thanked him,gave him a hug and took his newsletter which had an article about Samaritans Purse  . . . the rest is history

  Sight Savers – Restoring Sight to those who’d otherwise be blind

I love these adverts showing how amazing sight restoration is so I make both monthly and ad hoc donations to Sight Savers to give the precious gift of sight to those who’d otherwise be unnecessarily blind

SOS Children’s Villages


I donate as part of my Birthday £10,000 donation and would I recommend sponsoring a child for just £15 per month,  you can even choose the country or continent you’d like them to be in. It’s amazing to see photos, videos and updates on exactly how effective your donation has been to these amazing children.

 WaterAid  – the gift of fresh clean water

I sponsor so many Water Aid projects as I know that just £4.50 will give someone five years worth of clean water, so my donations ensure that hundreds of people for many decades receive it.
I’m always immensely grateful to have clean water each and every day which I regard a a basic human right. . 6/10 humans now have a flushing toilet, 9/10 have clean water, we only have 650million of the 7 billion humans on the planet to get to now, so not far to go