Not sleeping? unable to relax or switch off

finding it difficult to get through each day?

not eating? over eating? anxious, stressed or depressed?

Are you worrying about the existing medical conditions you have, the injuries or the post-operative needs?

We all have times like this, but I have used all the techniques I teach you to help you change the course you’re on in all areas of your life – physical, emotional, hormonal, nutritional and even financial (if that’s a worry it will be causing physiological & hormonal problems not just mental stress) – to get the best out of yourself and your life.

I’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the physical, psychological, neurological & nutritional elements for myself so I’ve been where you are. My own past medical history includes being diagnosed with alopecia areata, clinical depression, childhood self mutilation, acute stress, acute anxiety, hay fever¬†and my “genetic pre-disposition” to breast cancer.

Now you can benefit from my ongoing work I’ve done for myself, as I know the human body is hard wired for great health as it’s first and main priority.


You’d take your car for an annual MOT, when was the last time you had one for yourself?

If you’re not sure what you need, I offer everyone¬†my time & professional expertise with a FREE 30 minute follow up call , whether we go on to work together or not, in the form of

 Comprehensive Health, Wealth & Lifestyle Assessment  

Two invaluable questionnaires

1. Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire

2.¬† Money Quiz – I separate money & wealth as it’s such an emotive subject, but highlights a lot

 A follow up email of my findings, helps you understand what they mean and offer my professional recommendations, usually sent within 48 hours

Simply fill in the boxes below remembering to allow my email to be accepted by your email filters otherwise it’ll be stuck in your spam/junk file. ¬†

 4 hour Nutrition Health & Lifestyle analysis & collation emailed back to you
This includes a FREE 30 minute follow up call {valued at £97.50}

{to be taken within 5 days of the analysis being sent to you}  

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If you require “top up” sessions thereafter whenever you need it, if you fall pregnant or have a change of circumstances you can always have a 60 minute consultation

60 minute follow up phone or Skype call whenever you want to


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