I’ll be telling you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear  . . . but that’s why my clients since 1997 trust and value my work

I’ve been using Tarot & Intuitive cards alongside what I regard as my “5 Graces” which I’m bless to have full access to; 

Clairvoyance  – I see people and situations past, present, future. 

Clairaudience – I hear words from people past, present and future of.

Clairsentience – I clearly feel the emotions and the physical aches, pains or conditions of people past, present and future.

 Clairalience – I can smell aroma’s not present, a rare but useful tool to emphasise a person, place, memory or condition that the client will relate to.   

Clairambience – I can also taste the tastes experienced by those past, present or into the future. 

I use all of this, together with my own intuition and my gifted “A-Team” of spirit guides, guardian protectors and esoteric friends in spirit who work with me, to tell clients what has happened, what is happening and what is yet to happen and therefore what they have the power and control over changing if they want to

I never ask clients for any information from them, no dates of birth, locations, age or anything in fact I try to avoid any contact with clients until the actual session. This ensures that they know I cannot possibly use “cold reading” techniques, psychology or any other non esoteric methods before or during a session and even when I’m working with them, I only ask for their confirmation that what I’m saying is understood.

Nowadays I never actually meet my clients as all of my work is done via telephone  which I’ve used successfully since the 1990’s for my international clients , or non-visual Skype which I’ve used since the 2000’s .

Contacting those in spirit – Mediumship – is also part of what I do yet it’s important to remember that no Medium worth their salt will guarantee that specific love ones will come through; we can only send out an invitation that they may or may not respond to . It is important that you know this in advance which is why I use the Tarot, Intuitive Cards & Clairvoyant readings where you can ask questions about these people, allowing them to come through if they choose without being pressurised or demanded upon. If you’d rather have a pure Mediumship session I’d recommend visiting your local Spiritualist church where they have regular demonstrations of Mediumship and it’s usually free

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