In 1996 when I created my first Tarot Course for Waltham Forest Adult Education, simply to prove that whoever you are, whatever walk of life, age, socio-economic background, religion or culture, if you have an interest in working on your intuitive skills, you can.

A few years later, that same course had an Advanced element to it, and I achieved accreditation status for it by the London Open College Network (LOCN) and then the National Open College Network (NOCN) .

I’ve been so proud of my students, many of whom still tell me they use what I’ve taught them decades on, some of who have gone on to be professional working mediums, psychics and clairvoyants all over the world and a few  who have their own New Age and mystical outlets and websites.

I no longer teach Tarot & Esoteric Studies as there is a plethora of ways to learn your inner skills, that were not available in 1996. I highly recommend Hay House for all manner of spiritual and esoteric courses, authors and workshops may of which are free.

The only element I have kept is the Tarot & Esoteric Skills Audit for those who have the established skills and would like business guidance on how  to progress.


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