Personal & Business Mentoring

Are you feeling adrift as though nothing seems to be going right?

Does every day feel like a heavy burden to get though?

Are you being bullied?

Are you out of ideas concerning your work, business, health or  general well being?

If you’re not sure what you need, I offer everyone a FREE 20 minute consultation to help, simply email me at and we’ll arrange a time for this FREE consultation for you to outline your concerns. 

Mentoring was something my esoteric clients asked me to create in the 1990’s for their partners, friends and family who wanted to work with me but without any mystical elements.

As a result I’ve worked successfully with children, adults, couples, business owners, local authorities and universities and them giving all them new ideas, new strategies and new lines of hope that they can put into place and re-use for any situation, year in year out

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