May I firstly thank you for visiting my website, whether for the first time or the umpteenth, you’re always very welcome.

Solari UK was created in 1996 as a challenge to a comment made by a very dear friend and emminent businessman who said “Tash, you’ll never make a living reading tarot cards”. Well, to be fair he was right as he knew I didn’t like marketing this side of my work actively, but at the time I took that as a challenge. Within months, I had created the first Solari UK brochure offering books, ornaments and tarot cards as well as over 60 consultants throughout the UK offering therapies, astrology and psychic services and courses. We did incredibly well with contracts with Calvin Klein UK, Evian and Vitality 2000 but it grew bigger than I was prepared for so I scaled down the consultancy side allowing the retail side to remain as my own passion for teaching blossomed.

The rest as they say is history: the retail side has grown slowly but surely as has the consultancy though both to a much more manageble size. I onLy ever offer products or services that I have experienced first hand; this is not a company where the highest bidder or the largest company wins, I always promote small independent suppliers and professionals as a priority, with charitable causes featured as well.

You may notice on the client comments page that customer name me, Natasha, when they write in, that’s because even now, after 16 years I still run this company as a one-man-band so all the day to day tasks are done exclusively by me. This means that I have aimed to make everything as user friendly and clear as possible online to make ordering products or services easy, fast and smooth. There’s no secretary, no office hand, no anybody, just me  . . . but that’s how I like it. Hopefully I’m still doing a good job as for me the buzz of having international clients and customers write to me, often incredulously, that this is a totally one person operation, makes the long hours and challenges very worth while.

So very special thanks to the following who have been invaluable to the Solari UK story ;

Graham Tolhurst – for the initial challenge and the spark that ignited it all

To the late, great Alan Doherty – for your love, encouragement, support and Warlock magic in those to early days creating my brochure on my printer. You are  still greatly missed but I hope you’re proud of what Solari UK has become.

Adam Fronteras of Draco Solutions –  for stepping in when three,  yes three “professional” website companies did not complete this site as paid for and arranged.  For your generosity in showing me coding and how unravel the problems each company created for me and for being so generous with your time and expertise. This new site would never have been completed without you Ad, thank you so very much.

Thanks to all the companies and professionals I’ve worked with, past and present, who’ve helped shape my ideas and vision for Solari UK

And lastly but not least, a huge thank you to all of my much valued clients and customers for their loyalty and custom over the years . . .I shall endeavor to continue to deserve your loyalty and referrals over the next 27 years and beyond

With Love & Eternal Gratitude


Natasha J  Soliar ( BAHons . PGCE) 
Founder of Solari UK