Astrology has been used for several millennia; Queen Elizabeth 1 hired astrologer John Dee and placed astrological references in her churches, the three wise men following the Star of Bethlehem were astrologers even the Pyramids are aligned by astrological & astronomical influences. Using your exact time and place of birth will set out  a basic natal chart but this will alter all the time so Adam will be helping you see in  making alteration or changes to your advantage, whether at work, home or about  your relationships including with children.

Synastry is the analysis of two peoples birth charts to see how well they would work together and what needs to be addressed to work harmoniously. It can be partners, work colleagues or even you and your child, all manner of relationships can be looked it and worked on.  The times, dates and location of both people is needed for this for the accuracy of the assessment

Karmic  Astrology is a highly specialised form of astrology used by very few because of it’s complexity. It is not predictive, rather is all about looking at your “soul” and past lives to help you understand your  personality in this life. With Karmic Astrology the position of the planets at birth records the time spent by your souls on other planets or perhaps different past lives in between incarnations.

 Tarot is the art of is using the traditional canon of 78 tarot cards to  give a past present and future assessment and prediction . Adam will use the Tarot with his Astrology as he prefers this way of working.

 Adam Fronteras has been in this business for over 40 years, has written many books on Astrology, Tarot, Dreams and Psychic Powers (see our books section) and is a Past President of the British Astrological & Psychic Society and  currently on  the committee of the Astrological Lodge of London  as well as being the founder of My Spirit Radio and its publishing division




Consultations with Adam are £195.00


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