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A great validation book illustrating, with global case studies, the amazingly nurturing and supportive powers of our animal friends. We all think simply of the amazing guide dogs, Police dogs or sea rescue dogs but what about the horses who have safely carried injured riders to safety, or the amazingly therapeutic properties of animal in hospitals and hospices?

For all of us who have been touched by animals, who have ever been down and experienced their Zen-like serenity and calmness, how they just instinctively, dare I say, psychically “know” what to do to comfort and reassure; it’s pure spiritual animal magic.

This brilliant book validated what I’ve always maintained and known for decades; that our animals are more important than just accessories and, in many instances, are the vital, intuitive support system that many people rely upon on a daily basis, in this modern age of cold, detached isolation.

Easy to read with really useful sections like Animals at War, Life-Saving Pets and Animal Superstitions so you can easily dip in to bits that appeal to you. This is ideal for all ages as an insight in to how amazing our furry friends really are, not just as companions but as life savers and sources of acute comfort

Author: Emma Heathcote- James

Medium paperback

248 pages

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