Four Fish – A Journey from the Ocean to Your Plate


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A unique book chronicling the findings of award wining writer and lifelong fish fan Greenberg and how the four main fish that we consume (salmon, sea bass cod and tuna) are affected by our habits and practices. He travels the globe, consults with Yup’ik Eskimo’s to view the only Fair Trade certified fishing company, he raises questions that most of us barely give more than a cursory glance at when we’re buying fish or ordering it on a menu.

An ideal book for anyone with an interest in sustainable food sources, knowing how your fish is caught and sustained whether wild or genetically engineered.

I didn’’t think this would be an interesting or engaging book, how wrong could I be? This is a journey, with all the emotional joys and disappointments but always with hope and optimism that we will start regarding fish with the respect we attribute to other live stock. Greenberg’’s easy going tone and use of language takes you on the journey with him, as opposed to being dictated to by him. A thought provoking read.

Author: Paul Greenberg

Medium paperback

284 pages .

Review; NJ Soliar


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