Choosing to Be – Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master


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A spiritually uplifting, this inner journey of the author, her struggles with depression and the unusual communication between herself and her Maine Coon Cat, Pooh is a triumph.

It sounds like such a weird concept but I’ve truly believed that the therapeutic properties of our pets are tangible and real. Kat’s been brave enough to put herself out there and put this theory this into words. Such honestly, humour, sometimes emotional turbulence, the isolation of working alone and the confinement that that creates can be empathised with and related to by most of us at some stage. However, calling upon the untapped wisdom and reserves of a feline guru is a lifeline that many have known is a tonic.

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone whether a cat lover or not because it’s about self discovery, inner wisdom and sometimes simply “being” instead of always doing. For cat lovers it really reaffirms what we already know; that these feline friends rule our hearts and homes but can also heal us. Inspiring and suitable for all ages

Author: Kat Tansey

Small paperback

147 pages.

Review; NJ Soliar

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