The Intimate Ape


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Chronicling the travels of journalist Shawn Thompson through the rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo this is a great collation of the fact and reality of these beautiful, playful and dangerously endangered Kings of the Jungle.

Sad and so infuriating to see the plight of oragutans and the human selfishness that’s decimating their rightful habitat, yet it’s also hopeful and insightful with expertise of conservationists and volunteers who strive every day to preserve and protect them. I found it hugely affecting, with touching stories like Aazak who taught her researcher that orangutans laugh, can demand tickles and get resentful when you leave them, just like us humans.

We have much to learn from them and this book bridges the gap between too much sentimentality and enough concern to want to help the cause of our primate cousins. It’s also a real wake up call for the less ethical Palm Oil industry that still insists on using the rain forest for profits. Hopefully, this engaging book will awaken more of us to insist that companies become Rainforest Alliance approved so these humorous, and, oh so human relatives of ours, can be enjoyed, can live in peace and can be taken care of, for generations to come.

Author: Shawn Thompson

Large Paperback

 292 pages

Review by N J Soliar


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