The Hidden Oracle of India


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The Hidden Oracle of India; The Mystery of India’s Naadi Palm Leaf Readers

When the authors stumbled across the Naadi palm-leaf readers of India they were in India for a wedding. While there they found their destiny and made the shocking discovery that our lives have been determined and mapped out centuries before. This book coves the authors’ revelatory journey to the Naadis, to be told the precise details of their past, present and predictions of their future, which had been recorded in Sanskrit on palm leaves millennia ago, passed down by initiates to await long-destined appointments with those who come to find them. How does it feel to find out your soul’s true mission has been documented in detail on an ancient ‘leaf’ that relates to you alone, and then to learn your future? Angela Donovan found it a deeply uplifting experience, but for her husband Andrew it was a life-changing moment that left him reeling, his lifelong skepticism challenged and destroyed. The book speaks to both the spiritually minded and the skeptical. This book gives an inspiring look into one of the greatest mystical secrets of India – the hidden oracle. It tells readers how to find the Naadis for themselves.

Author:Andrew and Angela Donovan.


160 pages 


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