The Yoga Bible



This latest edition of the Yoga Bible covers all the aspects of yoga practice, meditation, drishti,enhancing and activating your own yoga skills.

This is the last edition of this original 2003 book that I have so it’s a real collectors item

This book gives you all the information you’d ever need and is an ideal book to refer to time and time again.

This “bible” range of books is always an essential authority in a small thick yet compact book with full colour photos. I love the Bible range because they always get the best on the business to put everything they can about the subject so you have an encyclopaedic volume of knowledge.

Suitable for all ages and all levels of knowledge as its’ exceptionally reader friendly and highly recommended. In fact I’ve used this book as my bible for inspiring my weekly All level and Advanced yoga classes for a number of years, it’s the best book for a well rounded over view of as many aspects of yoga with great images, as possible.  

Author; Christina Brown 

Small thick paperback ( 6″x 6″square 1.5″ thick)

400 pages

2009 edition

Review: N J Soliar 

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