The God of the New Millennium


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For centuries we have entrusted our spiritual power to religions, and our earthly power to generals and politicians. Those are two of the reasons why mankind today faces the crisis it does.

Global warming is caused less by carbon emissions than by greed. Our greed – ours as a species and ours as individuals. Corporate greed is only personal greed multiplied. And global warming is only one of the problems facing us. All of which are but symptoms of an overall malaise.

What is that malaise? How has it been allowed to become so virulent? How can we treat it? And, if it is not correctly identified, how can it be treated?

‘The God of the New Millennium’ is not polemic. It tells a story – of tenderness and love. But into its fabric is woven an examination of us today and of us historically. It asks some of the awkward questions which will need to be posed of ourselves if we are to survive. It is a look into our communal mirror.Are we brave enough to look into that mirror? Do we want to survive? Do you?Do we have what it takes to do what it takes?

Author: Greg Dark

Medium Paperback

224 pages


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