Why Walk When You Can Fly?


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A book that uses lovely parables to illustrate how to love yourself first and foremost and looking at situations form a new more positive perspective (the story of the donkey in the pit is a truly great one). With a working practice of 1 hour a day it enhances the experience though I’m always wary of the rigidity of following an immoveable mantra (i.e if you alter it in any way it won’t work) which I think is a real shame.

Isha has created what she calls the Isha System. This system includes a Diamond portal with four facets. Each facet includes an important lesson (embracing the present moment, accepting without judgment, loving oneself, and being one with the universe) as well as an accompanying meditation series and mantra.

The purpose of this program is to open oneself to unconditional love. Using the facets, opening the portal, and practicing other healthy behaviours such as feeling our emotions, speaking our truth, exercising, and drinking plenty of water we open ourselves to a whole new way of thinking.

Generally a good uplifting read for the tales and parables alone

Author: Isha


150 Pages 

Review; NJ Soliar

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