2013 Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration


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A fascinating commentator on the way the world is and will be in the near future written with candour, honestly and an unashamed lack of apology for telling it the way it is. Gossinger has the ability to engage the reader even when you’re not sure whether to applaud him or take cover and worry for his safety.

“A blend of vulgarity an hard- heartedness, entitlement and sheer prerogative bridges ordinary cultural and ideological divides. Kim Jong 111, Sarah Palin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are members of the same club: avarice, fake caring, pseudo-patriotism. Pseudo-wisdom, counterfeit generosity. They are Pharisees, thugs in suits all”
page 415

Very honest and up front assessments of real life that left me with more questions to ask myself as a result. Thought provoking, opinionated but a refreshing change from the usual fodder, his opinions on the state of the global community, conspiracy theories, cosmic and the esoteric are a constant juxtaposition that impresses, baffles and stretches the reader beyond what was expected. He has no problems calling a spade a spade:

“Once upon a time twenty percent or so of the population put their money into the casino – those who lived for risk and had the stomach for big time poker. The other eighty cached their hard-earned dollars where they knew it would be safe; in banks. Unknown to them, though George W and his chums and cronies has turned banks into casinos too.” page 280

It’s a heavy book in weight and content but worth reading for your own self evolution

Author: Richard Grossinger .

Large paperback

641 pages.

Review;  NJ Soliar

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