The Wealth from Within – Lori Culwell signed edition


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“The Real “Secret” to using the Laws of Attraction” and having read, reviewed and then recommended this book to my clients and friends I  can fully endorse that this book delivers.

I read this after reading “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” and this was the best possible follow on book  for those of us wondering ” but how do I harness my energy?” or “what if my cosmic orders simply aren’t working”

Lori’s ability to write as though she’s speaking directly to the reader  is both engaging and informative without being patronizing and this book genuinely gave me the answers to the above questions.

Such a down to earth manner means that you learn and develop as you read without realising how much evolving it taking place

This a brilliant book, that I’ve raved about since I read it and you’re fortunate enough to have a signed copy from Lori Culwell herself .

A brilliant read that you’re go back to time and time again suitable for all ages

Author; Lori Culwell

Small thick paperback ( 15cm x 22cm  x 1 cm thick)

167 pages

April 2014

Review: N J Soliar


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