The Principles of Qabalah – 1999 edition



A real collectors item as it’s the last one I have and being in mint condition is  a must have for any Jayanti fans

The only introduction you’ll ever need for learning about the Qabalah , the secret mystical tradition passed down through the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hermetic societies , often called the Yoga of the West. Being both ancient and ageless this guide will help you towards a more balanced life by explaining the history of the Qabalah, how it compares to other spiritual traditions, how it influences mythology, magic, tarot, astrology, sacred geometry and numerology.

This book is ideal for children or beginners because of it’s user friendly text, tone and layout.

Amber Jayanti founded the Santa Cruz School for Tarot & Qabalah in 1974 and has been teaching and practicing the Tarot and Qabalah to this day.

Author; Amber Jayanti

1999 edition

Paperback 5″x 7.75″

150 pages

Review; N J Soliar

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