Wicca by Vivianne Crowley – 2001 edition last copy



Wicca is known and accepted as the first religion, the Wisecraft based on the spirituality of our ancestors who worshipped Goddess, God and the natural universe.

Wicca is a magical path which empowers us to grow, change and both ourselves, our environment and those around us. This comprehensive introdcution by one of the leading lecturers and authorities in the field is superb at showing how to celebrate nature, how to use spellcraft and magic, how to create ritual etc.

From the Crowley dynasty , Vivienne has followed down the esoteric path by┬á enlightening┬á thousand with her┬á range of books over so many years.┬áThere is a sense that with that heritage, you’re esoteric journey is in good hands┬á┬á┬á

Last copy available now out of print, so a real collectors items

Author Vivienne Crowley

Paperback 5.75″ x 8.5″

186 pages


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