Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls


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Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls -Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership.

Using crystal balls or bowls for healing, activating creativity, foretelling the future and balancing the human energy systems are timeless.

This book is the absolute best book at illustrating how this can be done, using Ted Andrews years of experience in the field. It goes beyond crystal balls, looking at attuning with spirit guides, angels and devas, Qabalistic scrying rituals, divining with water and much, much more. I’ve recommended this book for decades to students studying esoteric skills because it is, in my opinion, one of the best ever printed .

Ted Andrews writes in an informative manner butĀ  is easy to understand with a down to earth manner whichĀ helps readers connect with his methodsĀ and advice without beingĀ  distracted or left behind.

Author: Ted Andrews

Medium paperback 2001 9″ x 6″

244 pages

Review; N J Soliar

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