The Healing Energies of Magnets



This book by Roger Coghill (Cambridge trained biologists & specialist in electromagnetic fields) is a comprehensive guide to a powerful therapy that’s simple and safe to use for all manner of common ailments for you,your pets and even your plants. Looking at the magnetic fields that effect us throughout our daily lives at home and at work this is a really informative but fun way of looking at the issue and getting practical solutions.

His theories and practices of using natural magnetism for pain relief and healing uses the most recent worldwide research on the subject and the user friendly language, full colour images and easy page referencing makes this idea for all age groups.

Its a fascinating read but one that will make total sense with everyone who’s ever had “unexplained” health issue, as so much of what we absorb from our homes and workplaces are  not what we should be subjected to. the power and science of this book will offer you real solutions on how we can exist in a modern world without being a victim of it  

Author; Roger Coghill

Gaia 2005.

Large paperback 6.5″x 9″

126 pages

Review; N J Soliar




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