The Sex Diaries


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This is not your typical Sexual Diary of various women winging this is a fully rounded investigative collation from both parties who are finding their once thriving sex lives changing, depleting or simply disappearing. 98 couples from 20 year old to 70+ spent 6-9 months writing diaries on everything from lost libidos and sexual blackmail to arthritis and prostate restrictions.

Only a small part if set out in diary format and the italics highlight the volunteers comments so they’re easy to locate and dip into.

The book exudes honesty, fairness and a non judgmental humour funny (chapters like “Laundry Gets You Laid” are priceless) highlights Arndt’s plethora of knowledge as a consummate sex therapist and observationist.

The structure and collation of this manual is refreshing because its shows both sides of each sexual partnership; it’s not all about women feeling short changed, there are some genuinely touching diary entries from their men who have been left adrift for various reasons.

“Julian [works and] runs the house, apart from ironing because he doesn’t do a good enough job”. She knows he works very hard to try to make sure everything is running smoothly, in the hope she may want sex “sometimes I think I’m such a bitch” . . . . “I love him to bits. He really deserves a much nicer person than me” …

He [Julian] admits he feels pissed off and a failure when he can’t get the sexual urge off his back. Yet occasionally he strikes gold; “It’s as if she’s got these different personalities. If you get the sexy one it’s just great” . page 175-6

Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to avoid the sexual pitfalls or climb out of one they’ve already fallen into.

Author: Bettina Arndt .

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322 pages

Review; N J Soliar


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