Pilates Over 50


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Lesley Ackland, truly practises what she preaches – in her late 40s, she looks 20 years younger thanks to her Pilates body maintenance programme. Here she reveals her fitness secrets, including Pilates exercises and a nutrition plan, which will allow everyone to look and feel years younger.

Pilates is the perfect exercise regime for the over 50s due to its low-impact exercises that ensure joints remain flexible and general mobility is increased, and Lesley Ackland is the ideal advertisement for its benefits. The routines in this book combine low-impact exercises with resistance training and weight-bearing exercise, which is crucial for building and maintaining bone density to ensure osteoporosis doesn’t set in after menopause. The benefits of Pilates for more mature people include: • flexible joints and a strong back to take the years off you • toned and lengthened arms, shoulders, legs, abdominals and buttocks so your clothes hang beautifully whatever your size • improved suppleness and grace; improved bone density for long-term health benefits. With a case study of one of Lesley’s mature clients who has used her routines to alleviate age-related health problems such as arthritis, postural difficulties and bone density problems, Pilates Over 50 is a comprehensive guide to looking and feeling younger.

Author; Lesley Ackland


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