The Gift Of Grief


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The Gift of Grief -finding peace, translation, and renewed life after great sorrow. This book covers death, divorce, illness, disaster, personal loss, and financial disappointment. Crisis, tragedy, and suffering are among the most universal human experiences – and they can also be our most powerful catalysts for positive change.

Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz offers a graceful, insightful, and inspiring education on the true meaning of grief: how it breaks and remakes us, bringing us closer to our strongest sense of self. Based on his extensive pastoral experience helping congregants grapple with grief, Gewirtz identifies the ways we block our experience of sorrow and loss and guides us to encounter these feelings fully, with compassion and clarity, and incorporate the lessons we learn into a richer life.

Author: Matthew Gewirtz .

Small hardback

152 pages .

Review;  N J Soliar

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