Princes, Frogs & Ugly Sisters;the Healing Powers of the Grimm Brothers Tales


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Hunter is a genius in explaining the Grimms tales (I’m guilty of only really knowing the Disney versions) and in decoding the life lessons and messages that have all but been lost. Did you know that Cinderella and the Prince had to work really hard to get together over 3 separate Balls? Or that the Frog {Princess and the Frog} was thrown against a wall and never actually kissed?

From here, the true telling of the tales that the Bothers Grimm complied are decoded and they’re so spectacularly relevant to our own lives, our love, sexuality, relationships with parents, family and partners. It’s just a total triumph to use these tales in the way that they were intended but with the modern leadership of Hunter to guide us through (never again will I use the term Cinderella syndrome)

To me this offers so much more than the sugary “happy endings” that , in real terms begs more questions than it solves . . .  .life is not that  simple or bland and nor were these tales

 I really loved this book – it made me want to do a doctorate on Grimms tales with Dr Hunter so I’’d recommend this to all ages who want the true stories and to gain a wealth of self knowledge that were always present in these tales . . . we just were never presented with it before now

Authors: Dr Allan G Hunter .

Medium Paperback 

175 pages.

Review by N J Soliar

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