The Emotional Lives of Animals


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The Emotional Lives of Animals; A leading scientist explores animal joy, sorrow and empathy

A biological researcher draws on years of work in animal communications to support the existence of animal emotions, sharing a wealth of case studies that illuminate the evolutionary purposes of animal feelings while calling for a rethinking of current practices of animal cruelty.

Such a touching but strangely human book, in that the connection and similar grieving, protection and confusion patterns we see in ourselves are mirrored in our animal counter parts. How is it that the partner of a striken fox will return to the scene repeatedly after death? or how elephants are gravely concerned when it comes to illness and death and will show such compassion and concern? or how all animal display and therefore posses morals, moreso than us humans who abuse them or at least don’t give them credit for greater enlightenment

Beautifully written with superb quotes and emphasis fonts throughout making this a treasure for all ages.I’ve quoted form this book many times to anyone doubting the power and, dare I say, the┬áhumanity of animals

Authors: Marc Berkoff


216 pages .

Review by N J Soliar

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