Testimony of Light – An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death


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Frances Banks dies as she had lived, fully aware of what she was experiencing and where she hoped to go to. Helen Greaves her friend was by her side when she finally lasped into unconsciousness. Three weeks later Helen felt Frances return and here starts their journey into the proof that the “other side” is closer than were ever realised.

The telepathic scripts and dialogue between the two has been validated and verified by those who know both and by those who knew their individual handwriting and style.

This is an inspirational encounter between the two women showing that friendship, love and light are not extinguished by the passing of the physical body, which can bring huge comfort to the reader. It’s one of those books that leave you feeling hopeful and warm and less at a loss when our own loved ones pass over. 

Author: Frances Banks

Paperback 8.5″x 5.25″

145 pages



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