Soul Medicine; Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health & Energy


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A bible for those who believe that the mind & body can be enhanced and in manay instances cured of ills by internal human energy. Looking closely at over 100 research studies , the history of faith healing, together with the well known worlds of science and neurosurgery, this book is the answer to many people prayer concerning the ability of the human to raise it’s consciousness marries science with the ancient beliefs that you can “heal thyself”as centuries of human have done before us .

This is a great book for those who are skeptical and those who need to know what went before us in medicine and healing realms; we are simply reiterating what has gone before us for a modern audience. When generations look back on the past two centuries they’ll wonder why it took us so long to embrace the truths of internal self healing and restoration as used by the ancients before us and highlighted and proven by Shealy & Church. Truly enlightening and a must have for all

Author: Norman Shealy & Dawson Church.

Medum Paperback

295 pages .

Review; NJ Soliar

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