The Wizards Gift



Author Mark Townsend lives within two worlds – the world of religion and the world of magic. And the further his journey takes him the more he realises that they are not two worlds at all… but One.

Two parallel stories about two individuals needing more to life than what they currently have. Sam, a young, divorced, former Deputy Head is suicidal and faces conflicts that his religious upbringing has much to answer for. His rescuer turns out to be a kindly, wise old man he meets in the forest, who he christens the Wizard.

Jane has just sabotage a golden opportunity to work overseas and reach all of her career objectives, so how and why did it fall through? Where’s the silver lining? Still smarting from the set back, Jane is pushed into asking a Tarot reader at the psychic fare for answers and embarks on a journey she never expected

Both of these individuals could be me or you, yet their journey is one of joy betrayal and ultimate spiritual awakenings which all of us will experience at some point

Author: Mark Townsend

Small paperback 5.5″ x 8.25″

168 pages.

Review by N J Soliar

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