The Other Side of Desire


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The Other Side of Desire – Four Journeys into the far realms of lust & longing.

Beregner a New York Journalist has always dealt with tough subject matter (i.e war in Sierra Leone & high security prison life) .Here too is a tough subject matter of lust and desire which just falls short of illegal in some cases. Four subjects; Jacob who has a foot fetish, Ron who is on probation for attempting to seduce his 12 year old step daughter, The Baroness a dominatrix who only just works within what is legal and consensual & Ron who has a passion for amputees

With great candor and honestly the reader is lead by Bergner into what initially seems like unlikely sexual perversions only to see through the characters, the sexologist & psychiatrist sessions and anecdotes that these people are more commonplace than the readers would have ever dared to imagine. It leads to confusing and challenging our initial beliefs about these people and what they’re about but more importantly shows how the diversity of human psychology is a total mine field

If you like to be challenged by mental conundrums then this is a good read for you though it may see you questioning your own moral and ethical boundaries

Author:Daniel Bergner .

Small Hardback

208 pages 
Review  N J Soliar

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