The Prophet of the New Millennium


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Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is now considered a classic. For many of its enormous, worldwide readership it is an ethical atlas. The Prophet of the New Millennium is not an alternative to Gibran’s book, it is a complement to it. Today’s world is very different to Gibran’s. The political atlas has had to be modified frequently. The Prophet of the New Millennium provides the ethical equivalent.

Our world today is one of enormous problems – and equally enormous cynicism. It is one in which it becomes ever harder to separate information from disinformation, and where ethics seem to be the slaves of expedience. It is one desperate for state-of-the-art principles.

The Prophet of the New Millennium does not seek to define those principles. Not does it seek to provide any answers. It seeks rather to help readers find their own questions.It’s designed to help them separate their own truth from fiction, and their own sanity from madness

Author: Greg Dark .

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122 pages


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