HavingĀ  just returned from a conference in Coventry I always delight in putting pen to paper, or finger to key pad, to let the companies know how good their staff were.

From my hotel, to the restaurant who gave me an amazing breakfast every day {and they let me sit in a closed area just cos I wanted to be on my own and by a window} to the Nando’s my friend & Social Media Expert Vikki E enjoyed for the very first timeĀ  . . .Ā  so many people did such a great job.

I’ve just received an email from an advisor (not just the automated system) thanking me and promising to pass it onto the Coventry Showcase branch. I told him that nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing my 2 minute comments will have a real impact on the staff who are named; we often only find our voices when we want to complain, lets use them to really make someones day, unexpectedly

So today, if you’re really pleased with someone tell their boss, or email their Head Office,Ā  be it that girl in the coffee shop, the street cleaner (yes I often email via my local authority website you can too) the person who drives your bus,Ā  anyone you know who has a boss to answer to but who’d never dream of asking you to say how fabulous they are, without them knowing

BeĀ  different from the rest of the crowd . . .Ā  make a difference to their day

After all, by lifting their spirits you brighten your own soul