Just booking my amazing course in Ireland and was fretting about the 50 mile distance from the airport to the hotel. A dear friend who’s in Ireland every two weeks sent me the bus routes and timetables and mentioned that taxi’s would be about Eu90 each way . . .

Then I emailed my host asking for herĀ  advice and without so much as a moments hesitation she said it was all arranged for me;Ā  I’d be picked up from the airport and dropped back totally free of charge. My initial instinct was to do my usual,Ā  falling over myself offering to pay for the petrol or lunch for all or something anything, but sensing my habit she reminded me that sometimes just to say Thank You without any need of recompense is more than enough.

WOW !!

And of course I’ve extended my stay and upgraded to a suite . . . all with a smile

I wanted to share with you the fact that good, no GREAT things happen when you trust the universe to provide the answers andĀ  when you believe that they will


This is the magical, quantum physics (yes scientist purists check out “Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance” by Greg Kuhm if you don’t believe me) we’ve got all we needĀ  we just need to use it

TrustĀ  . BelieveĀ  . Prosper