Having had a brilliant day it was topped off by a last minute confirmation that us humans are really, more than just ok

In Leytonstone today I heard a lovely deep voice offering free tea or coffee to strangers. I knew instinctively that this was a man who’s spirituality was making him spread the “Tea of human kindness” so I told him, that was the nicest thing I’d heard all day, and though I declined his kind offer I thought he was amazing. The huge smile he gave me was just priceless .He said I’d made HIS day by being so grateful and acknowledging him . We continued wishing each other well and others around us started joining in and the whole area had a COMPLETE shift in energy. His friend gave me a copy of Good News and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and boy, was I inspired.

The story of Tim Yattara who was in a Mali mortuary at 3 years old everyone thinking he was dead, but after a stranger prayer over him, well he’s now a handsome strapping 30 year old today.

 My favourite story was Alex Nsengimana who visited and forgave the man he saw kill his grandmother and uncle 20 years ago in Rwanda. When I think of all the silly things I have held grudges about,  this man is a the epitome of what true human kindness is and forgiveness is about. But more than that, his life was turned around by Samaritans Purse, a UK based charity who send Christmas shoes boxes of gifts to children all over the world every year. For Alex  being in a orphanage and receiving gifts from a stranger was his portal to the milk of human kindness and his road to forgive.

So the milk of human kindness is alive and thriving in our fabulous world  . . .  lets keep it flowing

{and yes, I am already planning my Christmas boxes, yes, I have emailed to ask for links on my site and yes I’ve applied to be a volunteer in London . . . all because of that free cup of tea}