Well, it’s winter in the Northern hemisphere and a lot is happening to your body; we’re eating more to insulate against the cold, we’re more susceptible to viruses because we’re in heated environments where germs breed (no you don’t catch colds and flu from being out in the cold or going out with wet hair – all old wives tales!!)

So I’ve collated some things that I’ve used for years which work for me so all of you, from head to  toe, will be well conditioned, taken care of and looking and feeling great  . . . though I advice starting from October, hey it’s never too late :o)


Largest  Organ of the Body. Most people are unaware that the largest organ of the body is the skin, yet every year I see numerous people in classes with dry flakey, nasty skin on feet, arms and legs, some even shower or bath less because we’re less “sweaty” than the summer months. Just because you’re covered up and you can’t see your skin  doesn’t mean it doesn’t need as much care as during the summer months.  I personally moisturize my entire body twice a day in the cold months because I know that the central heating and dry conditions, dehydration of the skin will affect  how I   look, feel and how nourished my skin will be; it is an organ, so nourish it!!

I also ensure that any dry skin on my feet is worn down (especially after tangoing for several hours) by using a Chiropody Sponge  which will not tear or cut into the skin like other pedicure products / machines will (it’s even safe to use on  callouses on hands and for children  http://www.solari-uk.com/product-category/gifts-products/health-restorative-products/newtons-chiropody-sponge/

How to test my theory for yourself:

Start doing a full body moisturize and see the difference in the look, feel and texture within just 3 days to see why my advice really works. Use any cream but I’d start with simple aqueous cream which is cheap for experimentation purposes. Everyone will notice the difference especially those who have close skin contact with you (family / partners) . . . . what about not telling them what you’ve done, just wait for all the compliments about how fresh and lively your skin is .

Planning & Preparing Physically:  Most people only think about upping their vitamins especially vitamin C, when they actually have a virus which is just firefighting; you’re working from a weakened position surely it makes sense to boost your immune system to PREVENT getting these viruses in the first place.

I have my daily Anti-Oxidants & Chelated Minerals (USANA Health Sciences at  http://www.solari-uk.com/essentials) but if I wanted to have additional protection I’d increase additional doses of Vitamin C  from Oct / Nov  which will continue until the Spring, plus lots of Omega 3 to ensure the joints and are really lubricated.We still need Vitamin D so even 20 minutes in the wintery sun can do the job for us  . . .don’t miss out (see my Elements section below).

I’d done this for many years and those who know me know I never get the flu . . . may be odd sneeze and sore throat but nothing as bad as those around me. I use Echinacea (Gold Seal liquid) if a cold or sore throat has developed, though I’d recommend the  capsule forms as prevention (e.g before your  cold has taken hold)

How to test your theory for yourself;

Start your program of extra vitamins and compare your fitness and health to, February even March of this year to see a difference in your energy levels and susceptibility to colds and viruses

Planning  & Preparing Mentally  I would also extend the planning to organizing fun social times so that your body and mind are allowed to unwind and re-charge on a weekly basis  . . . for some it‘ll be going out dancing or bowling or maybe just turning the phone off and having a quiet night in –  whatever you need as weekly “treats” use that time re-balance your equilibrium.

Funnily enough the more recreation time you have the more productive you’ll be. ..  sounds mad but maybe try it at this, the busiest time of year  . . .  and what you can’t delegate ask yourself, “do I really need to do that at all?”

I  knew a lady years ago who owned a shop who’d be working til 9pm on Christmas Eve then would be cooking til the early hours making everything from scratch. . . my question to her was simply why? M&S have all the bits she liked but she thought her family preferred homemade. I’m sure they do, but at the busiest time of year surely convenience should trump being a slave to the cooker when you really don’t have to be.

Don’t be afraid to delegate to whomever (person/ people) or wherever (supermarkets) to give you the time and space you need this winter. After all, in colder months as mammals were supposed to be hibernating and slowing right down, not running about madly  . . . animals are very wise, we can learn a lot from them

Elements ; I also ensure that I’m out in the elements  rain, shine or  wind as it’s so good for you ( providing you’re wrapped up warmly) . I was at a cake shop one Saturday in December sitting in its outside area (the week of the huge winds) having Cinnamon tea, raspberry Polenta cake, reading a book  . . . quiet yet totally invigorating. Don’t hide away from the sun or wind they have great merits .

There is a reason why Scandinavian babies have a higher, healthier constitution than British children because many are put outside for afternoon naps in cold weathers to build up their immunity . . . and it works just like the British Victorians and parents until the 1960’s use to do. It’s no coincidence that  children are becoming less immune to illness and more susceptible to allergies, immune deficiencies and, to me, this is a great way of rectifying that from infancy or adding it your family schedule.

How to test my theory for yourself:

Wrap up warmly and go for a walk, or just sit outside a café with a book. Not only is this great recreation “you” time it’s also getting you into the elements  and strengthening your immunity and lung capacity / strength . . . plus it’s usually really quiet as everyone else is huddled inside somewhere (you can still have your steaming Hot Chocolate outside . . . no point depriving yourself)

Enjoy the new sensations of being friends with the cold & wind

Hydration;  I like to keep hydrated using  just room temperature filtered water as much as I would if it were a warm, sunny day. I know that some GP’s say it’s NOT necessary  “as you’ll get your fluids from your food”  but just like the nutrients they think we should get from food, that is clearly not enough as our environments, lifespan and demands of daily life prove.

You know yourself if you haven’t had a drink for a few hours your concentration goes, your ability to stay focused and your irritability heightens which all affects moods and is a hormonal response to dehydration.It’s also well know that liver and kidney infections happen a lot more in the winter (because we’re not sweating as much the  concentration of urine is more potent / yellower) so this system of keeping them flushing through is great from that perspective as well

How to test my theory for yourself:

Chances are you’re already drinking less in cold weather so pure water is less appealing so why not consciously have a pint  glass of water on your desk  . . . see how many you  get through per day (no more than 4 else you’ll flush out the nutrients you need) and what happens / how you feel when you do hydrate

Yes you can also have this in the form of herbal teas though I personally prefer to have the pure water . . . tea’s and coffee are additions to that not to be counted as part of the pure water intake

Watch out for all the compliments as everyone will notice the difference in your complexion; create the internal glow even during the dull winter months

I hope my advice can be of some use even if just as food for thought

Wishing you a Wonderful Winter!!