As Natasha has been teaching since 1997,  working as a fitness professional since 2004, so her experience as a educator, Pilates, Yoga &  Metabolic Effect Instructor, specialising in hormonal issues, including Diabetes, obesity, menopause, being a qualified Sports Nutritionist and a USANA Health Sciences Associate, and having specialist training with the Elderly , Pre & Post Natal and Disabled Clients have enabled her to help numerous people on the best courses for a full and healthy lifestyle.

Natasha’s specialist training in the metaphysical world stems over 20  years ago, her Advanced Level 4 Yoga teaching since 2006 but her recent training as a Louise Hay and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner will be used to find the root cause of your conditions and diseases and find the long term emotional releasing solutions which you’ll be able to use for life.

This will be vital to help you get the quality of long life that you richly deserve  . . . after all it’s the quality of your life that really makes the difference not just the age you reach

  She always goes back to the reality that good health is the norm; our bodies are pre-disposed to be healthy, not vice versa as you may think. Chemicals we’re given in the form of medication or contaminants even on food, have a negative reaction to our body and cells are attacked and weakened which makes us vulnerable.

“As someone whose mother died of cancer I would be offered a double mastectomy as a preventative measure but I live and fight against the inevitability of cancer due to my genetics. My lifestyle is totally different to my mothers so I am actively and positively working towards a long and healthy life . . . . you can too”

So whether its as a preventative measure or to deal with an existing condition she has personally taught people how to deal with and strengthen themselves with the following issues since 2004;

*Muscular Dystrophy *Scholiosis *Kyphosis *Rheumatism *Cancer (pre and post operative & non operative patients) *Arthritis *Spinal Injuries; prolapsed discs / compression *Joint injuries/damage  *Hip & Knee Replacements *Metal Plating (back,ankles,feet,shoulders,hands) *Spinal narrowing *Fibromyalgia  *Polycystic Ovary Syndrome *Hamstring Damage *Sciatic Nerve *Motor Neuron Disease * Sight & Hearing Issues *Tendonitis *Cardio Thoracic Patients (pre & post operative) *Asthmatics*Diabetics * Hypertension/High & Low Blood Pressure *Crones Disease *Lupus Sufferers *Graves Disease *Multiple Sclorsis *Repetitive Strain Injury *Insomnia *Depression *Obesity & Body Mass Issues *Pre & Post Natal *Anaemia / Sickle Cell Anaemia

It is always advised to seek the permission of your GP, Physio, midwife or any other medical consultant/ practitioner you’re working with before or whilst working with me so please feel free to pass them my details if they’d like to contact me in person to discuss my recommendation to you . I always  welcome working with other professionals to get the best possible care and outcome for you

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