Mentoring was something my esoteric clients asked me to create over 15 years ago for their partners, friends and family who wanted to work with me but without any mystical elements

As a result I’ve worked successfully with children, adults, couples, business owners, local authority . Some of my experience has seen me using my time and business skills for organisations  such as;

  • Trustee & Finance Director of the Asian Business Association
  • Local Strategic Partnership Advisor  for Waltham Forest Council
  • Employment Advisor – University of East London
  • One of the sponsors for the Graphic Students independent exhibition –  University of East London
  • Business School Governor  – Waltham Forest

With all of my work giving new ideas and new strategies that can put into place and re-use for any situation, year in year out is often what is needed .

I’ve been where you  are though: I’ve been at the depths of despair where nothing seems to be going right so I really do know how you’re feeling but I also know that my wealth of experience and techniques, everything from business strategies, to quantum physics, to the metaphysics of Louise Hay and Emotional Freedom Technique, I’ll be using whatever it takes to release you permanently from the chains that bind you.

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