Personal & Business Mentoring

I mix the practical with the metaphysical to give you a well rounded and thorough understanding of your situation and the ways to release you from them . As an educator since 1997 I  have many years of teaching to pass on to you from a consulting perspective so no stone will be left un-turned. Unlike coaching or counseling where the role would be to “make space & listen”, I listen but offer my advice, my guidance, my ideas, strategies and game plans which people find invaluable as a way to work out what is best for them and give them more that they’d achieve alone in the quickest time {there’s no point hoping you’ll “guess” that funding is available , you either know it or you don’t and it’s time sensitive}

Working in whichever way suits you  – face to face, phone or Skype  – it really is up to you

Personal Mentoring – for individuals

My metaphysical roots will use the quantum physics, cosmic ordering and self healing to give you a fully comprehensive understanding of the emotional root causes of your situation, who YOU are, what you need to release to allow the new growth you richly deserve. As a qualified Heal Your Life Practitioner {the philosophies of Louise Hay} Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, and esoteric specialist since 1996 I have a wealth of knowledge to give you.

Many of the clients who have left comments for me had just ONE single session to get the results they refer to but to reinforce the work that we establish I would recommend on going Maintenance sessions which are designed for that.

Business & Career Mentoring – for individuals,  sole traders, SME’s or large institutions 

I’ve created Solari UK single handed in 1997, initially just to sell tarot cards but having both a glossy brochure then using the internet, I had books ornaments and CD’s as well. I initially also managed 60 astrologers, psychics and therapists in the UK with clients that included Calvin Klein UK, Evian & Vitality 2000, so with that history behind me I have much to share with others concerning their business. I’ve hired many professionals over the years  – IT consultants, web designers PA’s, Social Media Managers – so I have a wealth of knowledge in these areas and I’ve  also experienced the pit falls of people not knowing my business as well as I do, of me spending money when I didn’t need to, for results that never came. Honesty is a great issue as I soon learned that managing 60 professionals was a full time job which took me away from my real vocation of teaching, so I gave that lucrative side of the business up.    

My clients often learn from some of my errors to avoid having the same hiccups and expenses that I had.  

I’ve been well versed in advising small businesses from PT’s, cafe’s & small antique shops right the way through to larger institutions like University of East London {Employment Advisor}, Waltham Forest Council{Local Strategic Partnership} even representing London in Paris as part of the Le Cheille Partnerships which brought IT training to SME’s throughout Waltham Forest in the late 1990’s.

I’ve also been involved most recently in advising local authorities and dance organisations and various independent dance organisors and events to maximise their attendance and income whilst minimizing their workload. 

Business and career mentoring is an ideal way of looking at your career or business with fresh eyes to see the potential of what you have or what you’d need to do to create the vision that you have.

Even long standing, well established business need to have a professional review in order to grow, thrive and develop further.

All of the top business people have their own mentors, it’s the background support system that helps them thrive as individuals and therefore as business leaders

I am very strange in that I refuse more work that I accept, I always have, so those who I do choose to work with, know they are part of a exclusively elite group of people who will get more than they expected each and every day from both me and more importantly themselves. Clients who start with me choose to stay with me for years. Will you be one of them? 

Mentoring Fees

 Personal Mentoring for Life .  Love  . Prosperity

If you’re not sure what you need, I offer everyone a FREE 20 minute consultation, simply email me at and we’ll arrange a time for this FREE consultation first.

  Initial Consultation for Personal Mentoring
1 x 60 minute consultation7-10 days later

 1 x 60 minute consultation

Face to face, via phone or Skype

£390.00 Add to cart


  Maintenance Sessions – for those who have already completed their Initial Consultation – Personal Mentoring 

2 x 60 minute consultations

Face to face, via phone or Skype

£390.00 Add to cart


On Going Maintenance sessions for Personal Mentoring

12 x 60 minute consultations to be taken within 7 months

Face to face, via phone or Skype

£2,340.00 Add to cart

or 7 monthly installments of ÂŁ401.14


Business & Career Mentoring

 Initial Consultation for Career or Business Mentoring

1 x 120 minute consultation

Face to face, via phone or Skype

£390.00 Add to cart

6 x 90 minute consultations

Face to face, via phone or Skype

£1,705.00 Add to cart


Client Comments

“To Natasha,Just a quick note to say thank you for Monday.I felt so much better afterwards and i dont think i’ve ever wanted to go to school as much as i did tuesday morning!
Finally i was able to find the strength to smile all day long, and i felt so much better for it.Even my friends noticed i was alot happier! Iv introduced a small alteration to my diet which i hope will contribute to helping me achieve my goal for september! Like you said my dads death is something i will never forget, but i now feel strong enough to move on and accept the consiquences ive been avoiding for ages.
Thank you for every thing All my love and i hope we meet again soon xxxx kendal xxxx  (1 session aged 14) 30 June 2004

“Natasha, I wanted to thank you for your support {career, health & life coaching} , I have lived in fear for so long, I found a book called Secrets in the library. One section rang true, Ask for something don’t say I don’t it means I do, ask for I will or I want and live with that every day and really want it, it hit me that’s what you said an Insight said and all the books on magic I have ever read, You must believe in what you want otherwise it does not happen! So thank for helping me I know I can be hard work sometimes. M Walters, South London November 2013

“Hi Natasha,Life has been very hectic of late with substantial organistaional changes here at work and I have also been discussing alternative opportunities. However as things get under control I am starting to reclaim my social life back.
Whilst I think I was probably one of your more exasperating clients I genuinely benefitted from your help. Many thanks again. Rob B 9 July 2004

“I often think of you as you helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I am forever grateful to you for that.” Lyn W 20 June 2011

“Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for your time today and the fantastic advice which I have taken on board. I’m feeling so much more balanced! I will be in touch again soon re. my availability to join you for ME on Wednesday. All the best now, Rach” Rachel F, Leytonstone UK 7 October 2013

“The difference with you is that you constantly check up on me; you know when my GP appointments, Diabetes check ups are you offer to speak to them if they have any questions about the exercise and supplements I’m on.  I told him {previous health advisor} about my medication when I came to the meeting you had, then when I went to his house {a month later} I told him again and he just brushed over them and went into his comfort zone, never asked about my medication, my life he was more interested in getting my kids on supplements. He never contacted me since then, no call, no text nothing, but I was ok because you were there all the time checking up on me, thinking about me as a person, as an individual…..and your comfort zone is listening and working with me over tea and cakes, that’s a better zone ;o). I’m glad you decided to take over as the health person at Solari UK, you’ve been doing this for years already, you didn’t need someone else to do it for you. I have trusted you with my exercise sessions for over 3 years now, so knowing that you think about my entire life, family, work all of it, makes things better for me.”C Burke, Walthamstow 19 December 2013

“Wow you’re a great coach !! Your words resonate very well with me . . . You are a fantastic woman  . . .I did open up to you  as someone I didn’t know at all which surprised even me becasue I tend to only open up to people that are close to me  . . . I already have 3-4 friends I would refer to you { these are every dear friends to me}. Thank s so much again ” A.H, Psychiatrist & Life Coach, New York, USA  28 July 2014 

“You work from a really holistic place Tasha, it’s not just nutrition you talk about but the whole person you look at  . . . that’s just you! You’re an amazing woman . I’m so glad I met you. Thank you” Martin, South London,  22 December 2013

“Hi Natasha Good to talk to you , thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a go. Thanks again” Martyn Lewis 28 August 2008



Natasha J.Soliar (BAHons . PGCE)

Business Credentials;

Founder of Solari UK – est. 1997 including agent to 60 Psychics, Astrologers & Therapists across the UK 1997-2014

 Employment Advisor – University of East London

Local Strategic Partnership Business Sector Advisor  – London Borough of Waltham Forest

One of the sponsors of the University of East London Independent Graduate Art Exhibition   

Tecnova / Le Cheille Project – A French British Partnership bringing IT training to Waltham Forest businesses 1997

Director & Finance Director – Asian Business Association 1996 – 2000


Metaphysical Credentials;

Heal Your Life Practitioner  {based on the philosophies of Louise Hay } – The Holistic Centre, Ireland

Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma – International Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming & Coaching

British Astrological & Psychic Society Consultant since 1997


Fitness Industry Credentials:

Metabolic Effect Fitness Instructor – Metabolic Effect, USA

Sports Nutritionist – Fitness Training Company, UK

USANA Health Sciences Associate

Yoga Advanced Level 4 Practitioner – British School of Yoga

Pilates Level 3. OCR . Pilates Institute . Pilates Union

Body Sculpt OCR . Reebok

Swiss Ball . Gliders . Bender Balls – GLL . Physical Co.

Register of Exercise Professionals – Level 3

With Specialist Fitness Instructors training in;

Mental Health Awareness in Sport – TTC

Menopause & Fat Loss – Metabolic Effect, USA

Elderly & Active -YMCA

Pre & Post Natal – GLL

Disabled Access -YMCA


History of My Mentoring

Mentoring was something my esoteric clients asked me to create over 15 years ago for their partners, friends and family who wanted to work with me but without any mystical elements

As a result I’ve worked successfully with children, adults, couples, business owners, local authority . Some of my experience has seen me using my time and business skills for organisations  such as;

  • Trustee & Finance Director of the Asian Business Association
  • Local Strategic Partnership Advisor  for Waltham Forest Council
  • Employment Advisor – University of East London
  • One of the sponsors for the Graphic Students independent exhibition –  University of East London
  • Business School Governor  – Waltham Forest

With all of my work giving new ideas and new strategies that can put into place and re-use for any situation, year in year out is often what is needed .

I’ve been where you  are though: I’ve been at the depths of despair where nothing seems to be going right so I really do know how you’re feeling but I also know that my wealth of experience and techniques, everything from business strategies, to quantum physics, to the metaphysics of Louise Hay and Emotional Freedom Technique, I’ll be using whatever it takes to release you permanently from the chains that bind you.