“I mix the practical with the metaphysical to give you a well rounded and thorough MOT. As an educator since 1997 I  have many years of teaching to pass on to you but my work in the fitness industry as a Pilates, Yoga &  Metabolic Effect Instructor {specialising in hormonal issues like Diabetes, Menopause, obesity) my work as a Sports Nutritionist and USANA Health Sciences Associate which forms the Bespoke Fitness & Optimum Nutrition part of my work with you

My metaphysical roots will use the quantum physics, cosmic ordering and self healing to give you a fully comprehensive understanding of the emotional root causes of your situation or medical conditions, who YOU are, what you need to release to allow new growth and how you can get your mojo back. As a qualified Heal Your Life Practitioner { based on the philosophies of Louise Hay}, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Yoga & esoteric specialist since 1996 I have a wealth of knowledge to give you which you can use any time you like

However I only offer THREE clients each year the chance to work with me in this thorough and life-changing manner, and I need to be sure that they are;

1. totally committed to their continual progress

2.prepared to work hard with my support and guidance

3. will accept all recommendations that I give them – fitness . nutrition . quantum physics

  This last point is the hardest as people often try to adapt what I  teach and then wonder  why the results are skewed. It’s the equivalent of me giving them the perfect cake recipe, but them insist on using stale, rotten eggs. The outcome will be poor due to their bad decision yet both them and those around them will only see that I did not get the results I promised, not that they sabotaged it.

If you work with me it has to be 100% in it’s entirety – I cannot work  in any other way as I have a professional reputation to uphold and protect

I am very strange in that I refuse more work that I accept, I always have, so those who I do choose to work with, know they are part of a exclusively elite group of people who will get more than they expected each and every day from both me and more importantly themselves. Clients who start with me choose to stay with me for years.” 

 FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that if you don’t feel much better within 4 weeks I’ll refund you in full. You really have nothing to lose and only good health to gain.
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