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[wptabtitle]How does this work?[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] People are still in need of quality tuition but often find it hard and expensive to get to a gym. With home or workplace tuition you choose a time that suits your group, I travel to you and you’re taught using all the equipment listed for whichever exercise program you choose. It’s much more convienient for a group of Mums, work colleagues or just friends as it’s less formal and works around you. Work colleagues also bond much better and, having worked in offices in Mayfair and The City for many years, I can tell you that even “the Boss” is very respectful of you “going to Pilates” at work than they would be if you left the building to go to a gym or external class [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What if I just want tuition for 1-2-1? How much is that?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent] My prices do not increase if you’re a business or company, I treat all clients to the same rates and discounts. If you’re looking at  home 1-2-1 tuition thats is the same price  as if you have 13 friends join you so I’d always recommend having a few more peopls to lower the individual costs. So if for example you have 14 people wanting a 60 min class at £65, you’d get a £30 discount of you book 10 weeks in one go so £62 between 14 would be just £4.42 per person per class. This is much lower than you’d pay in a leisure centre, gym or studio which has prices that range from £6.95 -12.95 per person per hour and you could be in classes of up to 30 people. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What is your current availability?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent] My availability changes all the time but here is a rough guide for my on site, workplace or private bookings. 

  • Tuesday   {London only 1.30pm-6pm}
  • Wednesdays 11am-5pm
  • Thursdays  2pm-6 7.30-9pm 
  • Fridays  11.30am – 5pm  
  • Saturdays  11am-4pm

Please do not call outside of the following hours of 10am – 9.30pm GMT for all enquiries or booking an appointment. Calls will not be responded to outside these hours and often I am so annoyed at being phoned during the early hours of the morning, that I decide not to work with those callers anyway (you’d be amazed at how many people think calling at 3am is appropriate)[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Where do we have the class? what space is needed?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]That all depends on what space you have and how many people you have attending. Here are some examples;

  • Schools & Colleges – this is easy as all have gyms,halls or large that are easily adapted
  • Homes – for small groups of freinds & family your lounge, kitchen, landing/hallway, summer house, basement or conservatory are ideal depending on the numbers you   have  
  • Offices – we usually use the basement or board rooms ensuring that people arrive 10 mins before we start to  set aside the tabels & chairs and everyone helps set the spaces up before we leave
  • Micro & Small Businesses – having taught in a pottery shop and Westminster Abbey, you’d be amazed at where we can find the space to have weekly classes
  • Hospitals & Care Homes –  I usually teach the residents /patients in small groups or in their bedrooms for 1-2-1. Staff have seperate classes in communal areas (lounge or hall) as more space is needed

For Swiss Ball & Gliders smooth uncarpetted floors are needed to allow the gliding of both. For Pilates & Yoga any  floor type is uistable (carpet or non carpet), you’ll be on your own mats or towels anyway so the hardness of the floor will be minimised. This is why it is essential that everyone has spinal support (mat or towels) for Pilates ME & Swiss Ball & Gliders and everyone has a non slip Yoga Mat for Yoga classes. these are classes as “essential safety equipment” by both Health & Safety policy, your own Health Insurers & my insurers. Participants cannot be taught without them and will forfeit that particular class for their own safety. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Does my home / business need extra or enhanced insurance to cover your classes in my home / workplace?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]Absolutely not . I am FULLY insured with both Public Indemnity and Professional Liability insurance for all of the following;  

  1. all students I teach
  2. all equipment I bring in to use
  3. all exercises I teach all of the exercise forms I offer
  4. all specialist teaching including Over 50’s, Pre & Post natal, Disabled, Mental Health & Special Needs 

My classes in your home or workplace are specifically covered for all spaces that I  teach – schools, offices, abbeys, private homes, care homes, commercial units and specialist health units –  even outdoors in gardens and parks – so this does not affect your home, business or buildings insurance at all. You do not need anything other than the permission to use the space by the company / organisation / school who owns the property. The only issue would be if the ceiling, wall or any structural issue occurred during our session which would be covered by the organisation / individuals Building Insurance and are totally unrelated to us (i.e our exercises did not affect those areas / the isues are not caused by our classes) .[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]How do I  generate interest amongst my friends or colleagues to see if they’re interested in classes?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]I’ve done that for you. I’ve collated the following which can be emailed to you and can start generating interest quickly.

  1. Email  –  an advertising email that you can forward to your friends, neighbours and colleagues
  2. A4 Colourful Word poster – which you can add your own contact details to (as Co Ordinator of your group) and place on notice boards etc to generate interest
  3. Poster with detachable cards – for places where you don’t actually know the recipients ( i.e public notice boards,cafes,) I have a poster with my business cards attached at the bottom which can simply be taken by anyone who’s interested. If you tell me where the posters are I can re-route enquiries to you when people call or email .I’d usually post this item to you so all the cards are attached and you simply have to place it somewhere (with the relevant permission of course)[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What are the types of tuition and equipment provided?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]Pilates – ideal for injuries, core strength, toning, improving  posture, balance & alignment, for all ages & non-impact. Deep thoracic breathing will strengthen weak lungs, ideal for anyone with breathing issues (smoking, asthma,bronchitis etc).

Equipment used: Bender Balls .  Swiss Balls  .  Bands .  Gliders . Straps . Weights .  Energy Balls . Callanetics . Circuits

Gliders – core strengthening & balance using these Gliders under the feet or hands to slide across the floor creating a greater “reach” and extension of muscles .Additional tools incoroprated are weights, Stability Balls, combat techniques as great toning & Cardio Vascular workouts which tone & work up a sweat.. Really challenging but great fun and sure to work off excess fat in no time Trademark catchphrase”Glide into your Jeans” is what it’s all about.
Equipment used: Gliders .  Weights . Circuits

Swiss Ball – core strengthening developed simply to balance on the ball & workout simultaneously – great for co-ordination . Weights, Bars, Bands & Bender Balls are also used to intensify the workout . Ideal for weight loss & toning body as this has a strong Cardio Vascular workout which tones & work up a sweat
Equipment used: Swiss Balls . Weights .  Bender Balls .  Circuits  . Bands

Yoga – Hatha, Iyengar & Ashtanga – for greater strength, balance fluidity & co-ordination using various breathing techniques (pranayam). Precision is necessary for every posture  (asana) however  well practiced you are.Ashtanga will only be taught to those very well practiced due to the rapid flow from each asana which is unsuitable for beginners
Equipment used: Straps . Blocks & Bricks

Metabolic Effect – 30 minute rest based workouts (yes,I encourage you to rest throughout) devised to burn fat and enable the metabolism and hormones to keep you buring fat not muscle, tissue or water for up to 48 hours afterwards. This is a month by month program whci is 12 sessions over 4 weeks newly introduced to the UK which has amazing hormonal and fat loss results click here for more details
Equipment used: Dumbells [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]I’m pregnant can I still join your classes?[/wptabtitle] 

Most instructors will simply say yes and get you doing basic “cat stretches”  in a corner whilst the rest of the class does real work . I expect as much from my pegnant clients as my non pregnant; as much effort and as much focus though I do give you more rest times and different variations depending on the trimester you’re in. Many of my Mums worked with me before their pregancy so I could push them much further during their pregnancy as I know their ability and level and they, in turn recover and return to my tution much faster after the birth whether natural or Caesarian Section.

Most women suddenly want to take up Yoga (for the breathing techniques, no doubt ) and think that the 7 months worth of tuition will make a huge difference. I always say that their expectations are  the equivalent of  trying to learn a new language (Yoga) and trying to be fluent ( proficient) PLUS adapting to regional accents (hormonal changes) simultaneously within a 7-9 month time scale!! The expectations are totally unrealistic but if you have practiced Yoga or Pilates or even Hi-Impact exercise (and are genuinely well practiced at it) before your pregnancy, there’s no reason to not continue and blossom throughout the pregnancy . If you’ve not exercised regularly (competently at least 2-3 times a week) before the pregnancy then you need to be realistic; how will you be able to identify which feelings and sensations in muscles, nerves ligamentsand sinews, are correct and intended as part of the exercise and which are dangerous or detrimental?

The fitness industry advise that pregnant women only attend specific Pre & Post Natal, 1-2-1 or groups classes of less than 5-8 students for their own safety.  

On a positive, good exercise programs not only helps with blood circulation, reducing  DVT and boosting energy levels, it assists and speeds up the physical recovery and cell rejuevenation and overall healing after the birth.

For those who are pregnant an additional Physical Questionnaire and Insurance Disclaimer will be emailed to you – do ask for that before attending – and your GP, Mid Wife or medical professionals permission is expected and is your responsibility to seek these before joining any of my classes.  

If attending a Pilates or Yoga class when pregnant you will need to bring additional pillows and / or bolsters for support or a rolled up rug / blanket – the more you bring the more support you will benefit from and this is especially  cruicial from the  second trimester onwards.

Please note for workplace tuition; though I never disclose a condition, the teaching for pregnancy is totally different and the amount of additional support equipment you need will expose your condition quickly to colleagues. You need to bare this in mind when joining  the class as it is not possible you teach you any other way once you’ve disclosed to me that you’re pregnant.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What can I expect from your classes and teaching style?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]My classes are challenging however advanced you are hence how we achieve permanent, quality results so rapidly (within 3 sessions).This is based on my work with a Muscular Dystrophy & Motor Neuron suffer who achieve realignment to the degree of needing 2-3 inches cut off of her walking stick after just 2 non consecutive 1 hour Pilates sessions as part of 18-20 group of students. My Swiss Ball & Gliders lose AT LEAST 1 dress size in 4 sessions again because I push them hard and they thrive on working hard to achieve those results.

As a teacher I am aware that I have the responsibility of correcting, sometimes lifelong misalignment, injuries or conditions and I relish the challenge for every class I teach. I am observing my students from the moment they walk into my class; how they walk, how they stand, how they carry their bags. I’ll incorporate this information into my teaching even in groups of 27+ but I expect my students to improve, listen and take on board what I teach them, for their own benefit. I work hard for my clients but they in turn must work hard for me, the group and themselves.

I’ve attended classes where instructors don’t explain why you’re doing things, sometimes they don’t demonstrate, or are doing the class with students instead of watching and correcting them. I do not teach in this way as I think this is the most unproductive way of teaching and reinforcing what is learnt. I have 4 layers to each and every exercise especially for Beginners so that what I teach can be understood and absorbed by everyone on several levels, not simply mimicked blindly;

            1. I tell you what the exercise is and why we’re doing it 
            2. I demonstrate how to do it and show you common errors to avoid  
            3. I talk you through (cue you) whilst you do it 
            4. I correct you or make exercises harder for those who need it harder variations 

My classes are not for those who wish to kill time but for those who are seriously committed to ridding themselves of pain/postural misalignment / excess weight etc with thorough, permanent results which will only be achieved. I often refer students to classes other than mine to experience different teaching styles and I have no problem asking students to leave a group if they are not serious about working effectively, to save both their money,my time and the time of the other participants.

Even during a global recession, I select very carefully who I teach and invest my time and energy in and have no problem suggesting people work with other centres/instructors rather than working myself, if I don’t believe we can work successfully and productively together. 

The results of my tuition speak for themselves – please read my clients comments on the main page for my students perception of how I work and how they feel about my  style of teaching and the results they achieve.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What conditions have you taught?[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent]I’ve taught people how to deal with and strengthen themselves with the following issues;   

*Muscular Dystrophy *Scholiosis *Kyphosis *Rheumatism *Cancer (pre and post operative & non operative patients) *Arthritis *Spinal Injuries; prolapsed discs / compression  
*Joint injuries/damage  *Hip & Knee Replacements *Metal Plating (back,ankles,feet,shoulders,hands) *Spinal narrowing *Hamstring Damage *Sciatic Nerve *Motor Neuron Disease * Sight & Hearing Issues *Tendonitis *Cardio Thoracic Patients (pre & post operative) *Asthmatics*Diabetics * Hypertension/High & Low Blood Pressure *Crones Disease *Lupus Sufferers *Graves Disease *Multiple Sclorsis
*Repetitive Strain Injury *Insomnia *Depression *Obesity & Body Mass Issues *Pre & Post Natal *Anaemia / Sickle Cell Anaemia

It is always advised to seek the permission of your GP, Physio, midwife or any other medical consultant/ practitioner you’re working with before joining any fitness classes. Please feel free to pass them my details if they’d like to contact me in person. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What are the age limits for your classes?[/wptabtitle]

For fitness classes there is no lower or upper age limit set by legislation though I’d always recommend seeking the advice of your GP or consultant when starting exercise programs. My specialist training for Elderly clients (YMCA) means that I can adapt exercises for their specific needs and my regular Criminal Records Bureau checks (CRB) means I have the additional approval to work with under 16’s & Special Needs clients. Children can do any of my classes for their well being or medical conditions though I do limit the use of heavy weights / resistance due to the maliable quality of their bone density. I would expect to have partental consent on all booking forms and when paying for anyone under the age of 16 to ensure that the parents approve of the work being done, though this is not currently required by law.   

I am fully and regularly CRB checked (Criminal Records Beureau) so am fully approved to work with children of all ages, special needs adults and all learning groups. I have no problem being CRB checked for your own institution should you require it.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What level is suitable for my group and what conditions / ailments have you taught?[/wptabtitle] 

Don’t worry if have a mixed ability group, some will have never done Pilates, Swiss Ball / Gliders or Yoga before or if some are “rusty”, everything will be demonstrated and explained fully before they try it. I don’t segregate my classes into Beginners & Advance groups as often brand new people can progress quickly into advance levels whilst others who have practiced elsewhere for years cannot and they may be disheartened if kept in a beginners group. If participants are well verse in my classes they’ll be progressed within the group to a higher level so whatever  their ability, my teaching is tailor made for each & every individual student. Swiss Ball classes are sometimes segregated into Beginners & Improvers due to the safely issues of being on the ball when elderly, pregnant or inexperienced.

My classes are challenging however advanced participants are hence how we achieve permanent, quality results so rapidly (within 3 sessions).This is based on my work with a Muscular Dystrophy & Motor Neuron suffer who achieve realignment to the degree of needing 2-3 inches cut off of her walking stick after just 2 non consecutive 1 hour Pilates sessions as part of 18-20 group of students. My Swiss Ball & Gliders lose 1 dress size in 4 sessions again  because I push them hard and they  thrive on working hard to  achieve those results. See my clients comments above in grey for my students findings .

This is why my Physical Questionnaires are as detailed as they are – I am only required to ask about issues in the last 6-12 months; I go back to childhood. This is more work for me as an instructor, but I find it’s a much more beneficial for my students (see  above “What Conditions have you taught?”section). It is always advised to seek the permission of your GP, Physio, midwife or any other medical consultant/ practitioner you’re working with before joining any  fitness classes. Please feel free to  pass them my details if they’d like to contact me in person.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Should people exercise if they’re tired or unwell?[/wptabtitle] 

No reputable exercise instructor will EVER advise working out when your fatuigued or unwell. If you think about how dangerous it is to drive when you’re unwell or tired you can image  that the compromised reflexes and concentration will cause accdidents, the same is true of exercise. Though this seems to be common sense many people turn up to classes when hugely fatigued or ill and create more problems for themselves and the instructors teaching them. You get  no credit for simply  turning up, it’s the quality of the work you do  that should be important to you. 

Having said this, people who exercise and work hard / intensely  2-3 times a week are usually able to be just as focused and determined when they’re tired or unwell; I myself have continued with a full day of classes when I’d just severed my right hamstrings and dislocated my right hip (2006) so working out or teaching when injured or unwell with  flu is not an issue for me. Exercising does detoxifies the body and is recommended when suffering with a hangover or a cold but only you can judge whether you have the temprament, stamina and determination of a semi-athlete to work effectively or whether skipping a session to recover properly would be better for you.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]How late can people arrive at your classes?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent]You cannot afford to miss the beginning of any session as all vital for your own health & safety because;

  1. vital instructions and safety measures are reinforced within the first 5 mins of a class 
  2. a proper warm up for all classes is a Health & Safety requirement
  3. in fairness to the other participants who will be disturbed, will have my attention diverted or would be asked to move to make room for latercomers.

It always amazes me how many people thank me when I cover classes at  gyms and studios for not allowing latecomers (usually persistant latecomers) and mobiles to interupt the practice. It’s a shame that latecomers and the instructors who allow such bad practice don’t realise how distruptive and unfair their actions are to everyone else in the group.   

So, in all of my classes latercomers are not permitted as is the practice in all reputable UK Fitness Network gyms, health clubs and studios who allow no late admittance for Yoga or Pilates classes.

The exceptions to this are those who I’ve worked with on a regular basis or who are advanced enough (determined by me) to know exactly how to warm themselves up, without needing my coaching. In these cases if they are late, they will be allowed to join because the health & safetly element can be fulfilled.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What do participants  need to bring to their 1st class? [/wptabtitle] 

I will email  you two sheets that you can pass onto your group which are;

  1.  Physical Questionnaire (please email requesting the class you wish to attend so this can be emailed before the class) – besides being an insurance necessity it helps me to help participants so must be  brought  to the 1st class attended by each participant  .If anyone is currently pregnant I will need to be notified and additional  Pregnancy Physical Questionnaire will be emailed to you to pass on to them. 
  2. Student advice : what to wear, what to bring Mat / Towels if not provided at venue; Pilates & Swiss Ball can use 2 large bath towels to lie on if you don’t have a Yoga mat. Yoga students MUST have   non slip Yoga mat. These are classed as essential safety equipment by both the Health 7 Safety guidelines, your Health Insurers and my insurers. Participants cannot  be taught without them and will forfeit that particular class for their own safety.   

Always bring bottled water or non carbonated drinks to keep hydrated . If you  are new / have weak abdominals  bring a long strap, tie or long belt to assist you in sitting up. For Yoga you’re recommended to have blocks or bricks if the venue does not provide them (see venue details) .

I also have some Co-Ordinators Advice (top tips) which I can email to you to ensure you’re not hasseled unnecessarily by your group .Co-Ordinating does get easier after the 1st time but colleagues / groups can sometimes forget they are getiing huge discounts because of the time YOU are putting into organising the group. These tips help you to stay sane and not take on more than necessary even for friends and colleagues  [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What do participants wear?[/wptabtitle] 

  • Pilates; socked feet . stretchable clothing
  • Yoga; clean bare feet . stretchable clothing
  • Swiss Ball & Gliders; trainers . stretchable clothing
  • Metabolic Effect; trainers . stretchable clothing  . bring dumbells

Lots of sportswear is non stretchable (e.g has no lycra or elastane content) which restricts and harbours your movement and is unsuitable for execise classes. Baggy loose clothing is fine as are short Hijab’s (to avoid being caught in excess fabric) but body hugging / fitted clothing is always best for you to see exactly what your body is doing. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What if people want to join after we’ve started the group?[/wptabtitle] 

Those who want to join after classes have started and rates can do so but will pay a higher rate in fairness to the rest of the group who invested their money in advance to get the group running.

  • Drop in (ad hoc sessions) a standard rate of £9.95 p/p per session .  
  • Pre pay (all remaining weeks) a standard rate of £6.95 p/p per session . Bank Transfer .PayPal . Credit Cards

All of the above paperwork would need to be given in advance as usual and payment would be made directly to me before or just after each session and receipts given directly to the participant. Payments must be made to me in cash and receipts will be issues the week after.

Priority of  space and equipment will go to the students who originally signed up for the course and if either is in short supply, the ad hoc attendees would not be able to join that particular session.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Travel time & Expenses [/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent] Neither is charged if within London & Essex and accessible via Public Transport (Zones 1-6 ). All other  locations including international will be discussed on a case by case basis [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]When to call if I need additional information?[/wptabtitle] 
[wptabcontent] Hours to phone are 10am – 9.30pm GMT for all enquiries or booking classes on 020 8523 5145 . Calls will not be responded to outside these hours as I am often phoned at 3am or 4am by new callers (I then decide not to work with those callers because of the inappropriate and inconsiderate time of their call). Email is always a better prefence as I can answer it when I’m able (usually unsociable hours) and we both have a record of what was asked and answered for future reference. [/wptabcontent]