Natasha J.Soliar (BAHons . PGCE)

Metabolic Effect Fitness Instructor – Metabolic Effect, USA

Specialist Metabolic Effect Training in Menopause , USA

Sports Nutritionist – Fitness Training Company, UK

USANA Health Sciences Associate

Yoga  Advanced Level 4 Practitioner  – British School of Yoga

Pilates  Level 3. OCR . Pilates Institute . Pilates Union

Body Sculpt  OCR . Reebok

Swiss Ball . Gliders . Bender Balls  – GLL . Physical Co.


 With Specialist Instructors training in;

Pink Ribbon Program Instructor  – Post Operative after Breast Cancer Surgery

Elderly & Active  -YMCA

Pre & Post Natal  – GLL

Disabled Access  -YMCA

Qualified First Aider  since 2002

Leisure Watch (TDI) Protecting Children & Vulnerable People Against Sexual Offenders & Paedophiles

Mental Health Awareness in Sport  – TTC