As I retired from teaching in 2015 I no longer offer any teaching in Tarot & Esoteric Studies.

For those are are trained and wishing to have a professional eye cast over where they can take that I  do offer a Skills Audit as shown below  



Skills Audit & Development Session

Private session which can be either before  booking any course  as a “fact finding”  session to help you determine what esoteric skills you  already have and how best todevelop those  or maybe that you simply need to go directly to  Professional Vetting with the BAPS and not do my course at all .  For those well practiced I can audit the skills you have as a esoteric teacher and vetter since 1997,  I  manage of psychics & therapists since 1998 by having you do a test vetting for me (in person or phone)  I will be able to point you in the right direction about how best to use your skills ( private work, exhibitions, media)  and you would do a test vetting for me so I can advise you on what professional vettings will gain the insurance and professional status for working safely.

As a generic career advisor, local  authority employment advisor and business owner, I’ll also aim to advise you on how to start off in business, regenerate  an existing one and source funds to keep afloat when times get tough . I can call or Skype you or visits across London & Essex or any location can  be arranged

  60 minute – phone or Skype £195 with mp3 recording   

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60 minute phone with EU or International tape   £195 + £4.95  

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 90 minute  – phone or Skype with  mp3 recording £292.50

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 90 minute phone with EU or International tape £292.50 + £4.95  

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