Availability alters all the time, from day to day .  I often work into the early hours of the morning for clients, both international and domestic so what we’d recommend is that you think about the best times for yourself, when you’re most relaxed and unlikely to be disturbed. Once you have those times and days / dates at the ready, follow the steps below to ensure that you get the time slot you that best suit you, as quickly as possible.

 1. book the duration you would like {often people enquire into specific times and days but by the time they book, those slots have been allocated to someone else}

 2. email with at least 3-5 different days and times (GMT) with the widest availability you can manage

 3. we’ll then email you confirming the specifics above and we are ready for the session

 It may seem weird, people are used to seeing a timetable of availability but, because we work unsociable hours, using a full 24 hours, this really is the quickest way of getting an appointment secured for you.

I  look forward to working with you soon