Spirit Rescue


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Davidson is an authority on dealing with and releasing spirits, there is no doubt about that. This book gives you a guide on how and what to expect yourself but is so down to earth and informative that you learn, are inspired by and will be fully armed to deal with any eventuality safely; it’s a fantastic 3-4-1- deal!!

Davidson allows us to share her wealthy of experiences dealing with spirits of children, soldiers animals and the more aggressive entities, it also looks at explaining other esoteric phenomenon like de ja vue, astral travelling, near death experiences. This is a well rounded guide which dispels some myths and popular inaccuracies surrounding death and spirit life, her reader friendly manner is humorous and casually authoritive making this an engaging read.

The case studies and easy to read layout (title with a popular question as the sub headings) means you can dip in to areas of interest at will though she is also excellent at giving warnings and advice which her tone makes more acceptable than other authorities.

Author: Wilma Davidson.

Medium paperback

280 pages .

Review by N J Soliar


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