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A complete sourcebook of Yoga and meditation exercises to tone and strengthen the body & mind. With over 900 detailed coloured photographs featuring standard and “at a glance” shorter routines for everyday practice all in step by step form. Modifications of moves make this totally accessible to all abilities and level of agility if you are able to take instructions well .

Jean & Doriel Hall are so gifted in making Yoga accessible to all, via their wonderful books, this is yet another success to their Yoga stable. Packed with great colour photos this book is a  manual you’ll refer to regularly as an authority of the subject

Highly recommended for those who are already well practised and competent in basic yoga practices with a strong understanding of how the mind and body connect, as this will take your practice to another level   with the rapidity of Ashtanga and the stillness of the meditation.

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Large paperback book

Full colour (256 pages)

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