Balm from Beyond


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Rodney Davies is excellent at conveying to us how our deceased loved ones try to remain around us, try to guide us and can be connected with us if we’re open and receptive.

His honesty and extensive experience allows him to point out that they can’t make miracles happen (even if they want to) , they can’t do everything for us (why should they? don’t we have to learn and grown for ourselves surely? are they not like parents, enabling not disabling a child?).Even his own physical ailment was only temporarily “cured” by ghostly intervention (pages 109-11) so he has no special dispensation.

If you have ever asked “how come ghosts don’t cure illnesses?” or “why do they wait years to show up?” this is the book to look into. It’s not trying to convince or persuade you of spiritual existence, rather to explain Davies’s experiences but in doing you WILL have those questions answered even if it’s not the answers you seek or expect.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all especially the more sceptical . . . scepticism is always healthy!!

Author; Rodney Davies

Hardback 224 pages .

Review by N J Soliar


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