Yaktrax Walkers Snow & Ice Grips 2 Pack Clear 1xSmall 1xMedium


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2 Pairs of Yaktrax to save time, lower the unit price and save on postage.

1 x Medium UK 8-10 (EU 43 – 45)

1 x Small UK 5-7 (EU 38-42)

Ideal for workmen, the elderly, Posties, couriers, Police or just about anyone expected to work or walk in icy snowy conditions.

Yaktrax Walkers are available in adult sizes for both men and women. An ideal gift for Christmas, in icy conditions, the Yaktrax Walker is a great aid to the elderly, a safe solution for children and a practical accessory for adults.

Simply attach to your own

  • Shoes 
  • Trainers
  • UGG Boots 
  • Wellingtons
  • Timberlands 
  • Walking boots
  • even plastic or rubber soles slippers

The skidlock coil system stays snugly with your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement. Injected moulded elastomer has a memory & will return to it’s original shape.

Compact, lightweight, patented design makes this easy to use and a safe option to walking on ice and snow.The outerband conforms to the length & width of your shoe or boot, and the heel tab makes it easy to pull over the heel and off the heel.They can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees

1 x Medium UK 8-10 (EU 43 – 45)

1 x Small UK 5-7 (EU 38-42)

PLEASE NOTE: Only recommended for snow & iced surfaces. Not to be worn on smooth tiled surfaces as the metal inserts will be VERY hazardous. Remove when walking on smooth flat surfaces like tiled floors (kitchens & hallways) or Train/Underground stations ticket offices.

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